Older Adult Crisis Stabilization

Whether it’s grief, loneliness or other life changes, older adults experience unique mental health concerns. Coral Shores Behavioral Health is here for your loved one with compassionate care tailored to their needs.

Programs & Services at Coral Shores Behavioral Health

The way your loved one feels today — sad, overwhelmed, anxious — does not have to set the tone for their future. Our holistic approach addresses their psychiatric, emotional and medical needs so they can feel better.

Inpatient Crisis Stabilization for Older Adults: Why Choose Us?

Your loved one belongs in their community near familiar faces and the comfort of home. But when a mental health crisis strikes, an inpatient stay may be necessary to help them focus on healing. Coral Shores offers a secure, comforting environment and attentive staff providing personalized, thoughtful care.

Highlights of our program include:

  • Crisis stabilization: Psychiatrists, social workers, nurses, licensed therapists and mental health technicians work together to de-escalate crisis symptoms. We then help your loved one learn healthy coping methods for navigating ongoing mental health challenges. Coral Shores maintains Joint Commission accreditation, a sign of high-quality care.
  • Dedicated unit: Your loved one stays on a unit dedicated to older adults. Medical beds are available to people who have difficulty getting around. We can also manage ongoing treatments for certain medical issues. Our staff tailors group and individual therapies to the unique needs of older adults.
  • Medical supervision: Ongoing medical issues don’t have to get in the way of your loved one addressing their mental health. Registered nurses provide around-the-clock services for older adults with complex medical needs. We also skillfully care for people in wheelchairs.
  • Continuum of treatment: Outpatient treatment options enable your loved one to work toward long-term treatment goals after discharge. Eligible adults can participate from home through our telehealth program.

Rapid Assessments for Older Adults in Mental Health Crisis

Admissions staff are available 24/7 to perform no-cost evaluations for older adults in a mental health crisis. If inpatient treatment is appropriate, we expedite the admissions process so your loved one can start getting the care they need. Get started by calling 772-403-4000.

Crisis Stabilization for Older Adults

Our services are for older adults in a mental health crisis with symptoms disrupting their daily lives. They may experience intense feelings, an unwillingness to take care of themselves or thoughts of suicide. After a thorough evaluation, we admit eligible adults promptly and start tailoring therapies to their needs.

Our staff knows the mental health challenges older adults face and how to treat them. We use group and individual therapy, and possibly medications, to help lessen (de-escalate) crisis symptoms. With a compassionate approach, staff members help your loved one determine why the crisis happened and how to avoid it in the future. We use research-based techniques to establish healthy coping methods so your loved one feels more confident and in control at discharge.

Holistic Mental Health Services for Seniors

Additional services to support your loved one’s mental health crisis recovery include:

  • Detoxification support: If your loved one is experiencing co-occurring mental health and substance use disorder, we can help. We use research-based methods that may help older adults stop using and provide counseling that improves the likelihood of long-term sobriety.
  • Therapeutic recreation: We coordinate activities, like art therapy and chair volleyball, that help older adults take a break from processing mental health concerns. Activities occur on the unit, so your loved one doesn’t have to worry about moving to other areas of our facility.
  • Family and caregiver education: Before discharge, we meet with families and caregivers to discuss your loved one’s diagnosis and treatment progress. You can ask our staff questions and learn about the next steps of your loved one’s care.
  • Discharge planning: Discharge signifies that your loved one is well enough to re-enter the community, but it doesn’t mean the end of treatment. We ensure a seamless transition to the next chapter of their care journey. Whether it’s referrals to outpatient therapists or connections to community resources, we help set up your loved one for success.

Conditions We Treat

Inpatient crisis stabilization services are for older adults dealing with:

  • Anxiety disorders
  • Caregiver stress syndrome (mental and physical exhaustion from caring for a loved one)
  • Grief and loss
  • Mood disorders, like depression and bipolar
  • Schizophrenia
  • Substance use disorder
  • Suicidal ideation