Inpatient Crisis Stabilization for Teens

When life’s ups and downs become too much for your teen or adolescent, you’ll find hope for them at Coral Shores Behavioral Health. Our inpatient crisis stabilization services are for people 12 to 17 with sudden, severe mental health concerns that get in the way of daily life.

Programs & Services at Coral Shores Behavioral Health

You want the best in life for your young adult, and so do we. Coral Shores provides timely, intensive services that can address the root cause of worrisome mental health symptoms. We equip your loved one with the skills and confidence they need to get past their current circumstances and move on with their lives.

Help for Teen or Adolescent Mental Health Crisis: Why Choose Us?

Your loved one benefits from the coordinated efforts of psychiatrists, nurses and licensed therapists. Inpatient crisis stabilization can de-escalate symptoms and help your child learn healthy coping methods. Our commitment to high-quality mental health care has earned our program Joint Commission accreditation.

Highlights of our program include:

  • Teen-only unit: Our dedicated teen and young adult unit enables your loved one to receive age-appropriate care tailored to their needs. It is a secure, calm environment with lots of open space, natural light and a large gymnasium. Special precautions include beds that are bolted to the floor and suicide prevention doors.
  • Rapid assessment: Coral Shores admissions staff are available 24/7 to perform no-cost evaluations. If inpatient crisis stabilization is appropriate for your child, we expedite the admissions process. Get started by calling (772) 403-4000.
  • Communication: We encourage you to stay in contact with your child during their time here. Visitors are welcome at Coral Shores two days per week. Teens can make phone calls daily. They can also send and receive mail.
  • Continuum of treatment: After discharge, outpatient treatment options enable your loved one to continue working toward long-term recovery goals. Our teen-only intensive outpatient program provides practical guidance for applying inpatient lessons to real-world situations. Eligible patients may attend virtually through our telehealth program.

Inpatient Adolescent and Teen Crisis Stabilization

Coral Shores admits a small number of people at a time, so your child receives the attentive care they deserve. Inpatient services include structured all-day programming that can help teens and young adults meet recovery goals. We perform a prompt, thorough evaluation that includes assessments from multiple providers.

Our staff understands the mental health challenges teens and adolescents face. We stay current with treatment research. Crisis stabilization focuses first on de-escalating severe symptoms. We then help your child explore what may have triggered the crisis and teach them how to navigate future challenges.

Mental health technicians are available as part of your child’s care. They can help if there is consistently aggressive behavior or threats of self-harm and suicide. Technicians use a variety of techniques to defuse these situations and help get your child’s care back on track.

Holistic Teen and Adolescent Mental Health Services

  • Detoxification support: We can treat teens and adolescents with co-occurring mental health and substance use issues. Staff can help your child stop using and provide personalized counseling that lowers the likelihood of relapse.
  • Therapeutic recreation: Special activities help your young adult relax between therapy sessions. We host various events in our gymnasium, including basketball, yoga and games. Your child can also attend music and art therapy.
  • Family and caregiver education: Before discharge, we meet with parents or guardians to discuss how you can support your child’s ongoing treatment needs. These sessions typically take place with your child present. We can also speak with you directly (without your child present), if you prefer.
  • Discharge planning: Discharge from our inpatient teen and adolescent program doesn’t mean the end of treatment. We work with your child and family to develop a comprehensive discharge plan. It may include referrals to outpatient therapists or connections to helpful community resources.

Teen and Adolescent Mental Health Conditions We Treat

Teen mental health conditions we treat include:

  • Aggressive or impulsive behaviors
  • Bipolar disorder
  • Depression
  • Personality disorders
  • Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)
  • Self-harm and suicidal thoughts
  • Substance use disorder