Packing List for Inpatient Treatment

The admissions staff at Coral Shores wants to make sure that our patients are properly prepared to check-in for treatment and receive the care they need. To speed up the admission process, we’ve outlined the items necessary for initial admission into our facility’s programs. We’ve also documented what patients should for an inpatient stay to be as comfortable as possible.

Documents Needed for Admission

  • Form of ID
  • Insurance card
  • Emergency contact information
  • List of current prescription medications
  • Medical power of attorney or guardianship paperwork

Clothing Packing List

  • Three (3) complete outfits with all strings removed
  • Two (2) sets of pajamas or sleep outfits
  • Three (3) pairs of underwear
  • Two (2) bras
  • One (1) pair of shoes, slip-on or with laces removed

DO NOT bring clothing with belts, suspenders, shoestrings, or drawstrings.

DO NOT bring tobacco products or electronic cigarettes. Nicotine patches can be provided based on the recommendations of your treatment team.